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Our system provides analytics to the hotel, reflecting the most frequently requested items and reported faults.

This allows the management to take steps that is a win-win for both themselves and the guests, as frequent guest requests are now entertained more effectively, and more time is freed up for the staff to perform other duties. Consequently, this makes operations in the hotel much more productive, and enhances the guest experience. 

In the instance that guests must repeatedly submit requests or face long waiting time in receiving their requested items, NGB has helped them manage tasks better via our escalation system. This escalates tasks that have been unanswered for a certain period to higher authority, who comes to inspect the current guest situation and ensures that the staff act promptly. This prevents the possibility of customers reporting these faults to online review sites. The good reputation of the hotels is thus maintained due to the fast and effective service.

During periods of high occupancy, staff may be overloaded, and analytics may show that there is increased delays and more escalation. This helps the hotel to better manage their workload by either stocking more essential items or hiring more contract staff.

In the event of a group check in, such as a company or airline crew, information regarding any specific requests can be disseminated to the staff so that everything is readily available for this group upon arrival.

Overall, the solutions of NGB considers every possible operational aspect in the hotel and any possible issues that may arise in these aspects. We tackle problems and automate processes, ultimately creating a better guest experience and a more effective management system.